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Consulting Services

Project Management

Applying over a decade of project management knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques, Ellsa Group’s consultants assists our clients with project management services from its initiation through closing. Depending on organizational needs, scope of work and complexity of each unique project, consulting services may include supporting executives and business unit leaders on ideas for advancing strategic objectives, improving organizational performance, assisting in business analysis, balancing conflicting and competing goals of stakeholders, developing business case, supporting project team to achieve objectives on-time, and on schedule.  

Grants Management

Since 2014, Ellsa Group has helped our clients secure and manage numerous grants for federal and state sponsored programs, including the Health and Human Services (HHS), Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the US Department of Labor (USDOL), the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the California Department of Education (CDE), and many more.

Our experienced consultants will apply our skills and competencies to keep your project on track, comply with grant regulations, and support with administrative and legal compliance. Services include providing support with building funder relationships that contribute to future grant awards, organizing requirements for solid grants management, establish roles and responsibilities for grant management team, handling pre-and post-awards and closeout activities, and ensuring compliance with funder requirements.

Grant Writing 

Customized uniquely to each client’s needs, our consultants support our client’s build long-term sustainability and increase organizational capacity by securing federal, state, foundation, and corporate grant programs. In this approach, our consultants apply over 14 years of grant writing experience to identify grant opportunities based on our client’s needs through organizational assessment. Using strategic planning, we work with our clients to prioritize objectives and develop short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes. From there, we prepare winning proposals. Once awarded, our consultants are available to provide technical assistance as needed throughout the implementation phase as well as providing post-grant follow-up and closeout activities. Since 2014-2017, we’ve helped our clients secure over $7M in federal, state, and local funding that support a range of programs spanning from health and human services, to occupational safety training, and to healthy environments. Approximately 70% of grant awards were federal and state grant programs.

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Technical Assistance

In today’s business environment, organizational leaders need to be able to manage multiple constraints, including tighter budgets, shorter timelines, rapidly changing technology, and policy changes. Applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to projects, Ellsa Group consultants assist public organizations and private businesses plan and execute projects effectively and efficiently to:

  • Meet business objectives

  • Satisfy stakeholder expectations

  • Increase chances of success

  • Deliver the right products at the right time

  • Resolve emerging issues and problems

  • Respond to risks in a timely manner

  • Optimize the use of organizational resources

  • Identify and secure new resources

  • Manage constraints (e.g., resources, costs, schedule, scope, etc.)

  • Manage change

  • Identify and determine effective strategies to achieve desired outcomes

One of the highlighted projects our consultants worked on was the Racial Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) which was featured by the CDC for being highly innovative at advancing health care outcomes by connecting community members to appropriate health services through the use of the Community-Clinical Linkage electronic referral system. Ellsa Group was instrumental in researching the evidence-based strategy and assisting our client plan and develop the electronic referral system that connects patients to care across a continuum of settings. Check out the success story here at the Success Stories Library of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  

Evaluation Services

As a trusted partner working with nonprofits, government, and private businesses, Ellsa Group has been providing planning and evaluation services for numerous federal-and state-funded programs, including the Racial Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) funded by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, to the Susan Hardwood Training Grant program funded by the Department of Labor. To assure a process to oversee the development of the project from implementation to achieve the desired outcomes, we developed a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) model encompassing the following steps: Data, Evaluation & Assessment, and Improvement so that we will be able to review, evaluate, analyze, and share the results regarding the outcomes of the project. We also provide assistance in developing a communication plan to disseminate program impacts.

Resource Development

Increase revenue through securing contracts, grants, bids, and develop winning bids/grant proposals.
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